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Can Social Media Help Drive Sales for Retailers?

Retailers Look to Social Media Platforms for Increased Revenue

As consumers are becoming increasingly digital, retailers must find new ways to allow customers to easily purchase their products. This has led e-commerce to evolve from just a classic web-based platform. In order to engage as many customers as possible and drive sales, retailers must consider evolving their e-commerce strategy.SocialMediaCommerce

Infographic illustrating Social Media's Influence in Retail Social media plays a huge role in today's society and has the ability to influence people's decisions. People are constantly checking social media to learn about the latest news and trends, which in turn draws people away from other websites. In order to attract customers back to their websites, retailers need to be tactical about how and where they advertise their products. Using social media to announce new lines or sales not only allows retailers to be exposed to a larger audience, but also enables them to sell their products through a new avenue.

Pinterest and Instagram Leading the Charge

In a recent article by InternetRetailer.com, it was revealed that Pinterest and Instagram will be rolling out new tools which will allow online retailers to sell directly from these platforms. This launch will cater to both multi-channel retailers, Demandware-powered stores, and e-retailers allowing consumers with the ability to purchase any product from anywhere. These two social media platforms will let consumers directly purchase items from the ads in a secure manner. The hope that the access to a more targeted audience and the convenience these platforms provide for consumer will lead to more effective campaigns.


Instagram New Ad Features It will be interesting to see how targeted ads and buyable pins will change the way people purchase products in the upcoming future. Both platforms will allow retailers to display ads as well as include the capability to allow consumers to buy certain products directly from the pin or Instagram post.

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