Automated Smoke Tests for Adobe Experience Manager

Catch error early in the testing cycle using automated 'smoke tests' for Adobe Experience Manager user interface components.

Understand how GSPANN helped a global sportswear and equipment manufacturer in reduce the time required for functional testing of customer AEM user interface components through the use of automated 'smoke tests'.

What you can learn from this case study?

  • Automated smoke tests for quicker turnaround time. Using open source tools, GSPANN was able to automate user interface (UI) component smoke tests, focusing the manual quality assurance team on more later stage testing.
  • Increased team efficiency. Automation of these smoke tests increased the overall quality assurance team efficiency, allowing them to test more stores in less time.
  • Decreased dependency on manual quality assurance (QA) for finding common development errors. Smoke tests quickly catch common software development errors in early testing stages, which improve software quality and build reduce cycle times.
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