Make Your Website Responsive and Engaging with Adobe Experience Manager

Fix the existing shortcomings of your website with the help of AEM Marketing Cloud

Read how GSPANN helped a San Francisco, US based IT solution providing company to achieve an engaging, synchronized content management and marketing system with the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud components.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • How to manage content seamlessly. The CMS migration to AEM 6.2 provided the unified solution to make the content management centralized (for more than 1000 web pages).
  • How to create an engaging cloud for marketing purposes. Manage marketing campaigns, leads, and other marketing assets flawlessly, without jeopardizing the user experience.
  • How to empower marketing without any IT dependencies. By centralizing lead capturing and management mechanism, developing a platform with engaging marketing content and easy downloads of marketing assets has helped in empowering marketing endeavors on a greater scale.
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Adobe Experience Manager Implementation Case Study Download

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