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March 14, 2022, Milpitas, CA, USA – GSPANN, a leading IT solutions provider to fortune 100 companies, announced its plan to grow its practices around the Adobe Experience Cloud significantly. Having spent over a decade delivering enterprise-class content management solutions with Adobe Experience Manager, GSPANN has made the same commitment to the broader Adobe experience ecosystem, including Adobe Commerce Cloud.

“We look forward to the continued success we have with Adobe Experience Manager across the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. Our client solutions combine content management, e-commerce, analytics, and marketing platforms that support the commerce journey within many industries.” Said Raghu Madhok, SVP Customer Relations for GSPANN. “Practices within GSPANN are now committing entire teams to focus exclusively on the Adobe Experience Cloud. Our commitment stems from the continued leadership Adobe maintains within the industry, with the release of next-generation experience platforms, like Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Real-time CDP, and others.”

The GSPANN Commerce Practice adds Adobe Commerce to the stable B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms for which they provide design, implementation, and support services. “We are excited about adding Adobe Commerce within our commerce practice.” States Rama Aluri, SVP Content, and Commerce at GSPANN. “Our experience delivering and supporting some of the most prominent e-commerce solutions within the retail vertical lays the foundation for us to make Adobe Commerce, along with Adobe Experience Cloud, a formidable solution to support our focus of a customer’s commerce journey.”

The GSPANN Digital Marketing Practice deepens its focus and commitment to the Adobe Experience Cloud. “Our clients’ growth depends on understanding and consistently engaging their customers. The combination of CDP, segmentation, and personalization tools, now enhanced with AI, drive relevant and enriching customer engagement.” Said Praveen Chandra, SVP of Digital Marketing and Information Analytics at GSPANN. “As the category leader, Adobe makes it easier to deliver the sophisticated personalized journeys to engage customers with the right message and aligned channels. The Adobe Experience Cloud solutions we deliver for clients address their customers’ needs while making these solutions easier than ever for marketers to use. We are impressed with Adobe’s advancing capabilities!”

To learn more about the partnership,
please visit: https://www.gspann.com/platforms/adobe