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July 12, 2023, Moula Ali, Secunderabad: GSPANN Technologies, a US-based global IT services and digital solutions company, inaugurated the Women Empowerment and Youth Skill Development Center in Moula Ali, Secunderabad, Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. 

 As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), GSPANN has taken the initiative to train the women and youth from the underserved communities in and around Moula Ali, Secunderabad. The center will have multiple trainers upskilling women on critical livelihood skills like fashion designing, mehndi designing, bag making, beautician courses, hairdressing, etc. 

 While inaugurating the center, Mr. Mohit Malik, COO, GSPANN Technologies said, “Women are the nerve center of society. Empowering women means empowering a generation. We have started this initiative to empower women from Moula Ali and nearby communities so that they too can become earning members of their families and, in turn, transform the communities around them.” 

 The center will also train the youth from the community in various employability-driven technical skills, like MS Office, computer hardware and networking, computer-based accountancy, travel desk management, graphic designing, C and C++. Ten kids from the youth skill development program will get an opportunity to take up advanced courses in Salesforce, Adobe, ChatGPT, etc. 

Speaking about GSPANN’s CSR goals, Mr. Mohit further added, “GSPANN is on a mission to create more inclusive and prosperous communities. Through this center and many similar UN’s Sustainable Development Goals-driven CSR endeavors, it hopes to unlock the potential of India’s underserved population, bridge the skill gap, and create sustainable economies.” 

The center will be operated in collaboration with the Janahitha Seva Trust, and all program certifications will be based on the Telangana Government’s Setwin curriculum. 

 Representing GSPANN were one of its co-founders and President, Mr. A.P Grover; COO, Mr. Mohit Malik; and Sr. VP and Business Head, Mr. Rama Aluri, among others.  

They were joined by the Managing Director of Setwin, Mr. K. Venugopal Rao, who encouraged all the beneficiaries to create a better future for themselves.  

 All beneficiaries will be from financially disadvantaged communities and will be provided with free training and employment assistance. 

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