People in India have many IT services companies to work for—so why would you consider GSPANN?  If you have not heard of us before, we have in business over a decade, with over 1200 employees worldwide, and servicing some of the largest retail, high technology, and manufacturing clients in North America.  We provide an environment that enables career growth with challenging assignments with global brands, while still interacting with company leadership, who is actively involved with Indian teams.

Come, find out what we have available for you.

Career Development

Whether you are seasoned professional or just out of school, GSPANN understands that each person wants to grow their skills, knowledge, and value in their career, and that they are looking for the right organization to help them on that journey. GSPANN works closely with each employee to understand their career goals, where they are now, and charts a growth path for them. Combining the selection of the best-fit projects, ongoing training, and mentoring, we strive to help you achieve the next steps in your career with GSPANN.

Consistent Reviews

GSPANN uses process-oriented performance reviews that occur on a regular basis to provide feedback that guides your improvement and learning.

Education and Certification

GSPANN works across many technology disciplines and platforms, giving employees the opportunity become certified experts in their chosen practice areas.

Overseas Opportunities

As global company with our clients in North America, employees can go to the United States to work at our offices or client sites to gain new experiences.

Right Person, Right Position

Matching employees to the best-fit role and projects improves their success and happiness by aligning their skills and aspirations with the potential of the project.

Understanding You

The first step in guaranteeing your success, is to understand your strengths, potential, and challenges to surround you with the right mentors and opportunities.

We provide our employees amazing opportunities for growth and access to business challenges to prove themselves...

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Compensation and Benefits

We strive to provide our employees with market-competitive pay and benefits, while rewarding employees for individual and business performance. We offer comprehensive benefits to help employees meet their life’s needs, including healthcare, dental, vision, and income-protection insurance. To maintain a healthy workplace, GSPANN provides all employees with access to a health and wellness program. These resources are designed to help employees maintain their mental and physical health through education and prevention, and to support employees in their effort to make healthy changes to improve their quality of life.

Competitive Compensation

Recognizing the competitive market, GSPANN works with candidates to craft compensation packages to meet their expectations, and that those of their family.

Healthcare, Dental, and Vision Insurance

To help maintain the health of your family, GSPANN provides comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for employees and their entire family.

Healthcare Education

GSPANN encourages healthy habits for its employees through ongoing healthcare education to improve the quality of life for employees.

Income Protection

For times when you are unable to work, when you may be hurt or sick, we provide income protection to support you during those times.

A Flexible Workspace

At GSPANN, we aspire to provide our employees a flexible working environment. We understand the demands placed on employees to manage their work and personal lives, and respect the need to balance an employees’ needs at home and work. While options for flexibility vary by location or due to job responsibilities, our overriding philosophy remains the same everywhere—to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of our employees through a work-life balance.

Counseling Programs

Recognizing that life can throw you unexpected challenges, we provide counselors and therapists to speak with to provide guidance through those times.

Educational Assistance

We encourage employees to learn new skills that can contribute to their career by paying for all or portion of training and educational costs.

Stress and Time Management Programs

Balancing your family and work is difficult in the modern world, so we provide employees with tools to cope with stress and time management challenges.

Work from Home Benefit

Our work from home (WFH) benefit, supports the unexpected demands of family, with the ability to occasionally work from home when you need to.