High Technology Industry Experience

Technology companies create products that range from software to computers, medical equipment to industrial instrumentation, semiconductors to many products based on emerging technologies.  Though many technology companies have products that target consumers, a more diverse variety of products are sold into industry through direct business-to-business (B2B) transactions. 

As companies look to optimize the customer lifetime value (CLV) for B2B customers, companies are working to improve the customer buying journey by creating a seamless experience across marketing, sales, and support activities.  This seamless customer experience requires that integration of new software and existing software to support a continuous, measurable journey.

GSPANN understands the challenges in stitching together ‘seamless experiences’ that include content management systems (CMS), marketing automation, email, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile and other supporting software within customer experience ecosystem.  Our technology clients are provided GSPANN’s leadership in identifying, integrating, and delivering customer experience solutions that build the brand, while driving greater revenue per customer.


Account-based marketing (ABM) takes center stage for high technology firms who want to engage with relevance