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High Technology Expertise

Technology companies create products that range from software to computers, medical equipment to industrial instrumentation, semiconductors to many products based on emerging technologies. Though many technology companies have products that target consumers, a more diverse variety of products are sold into the industry through direct business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

As companies look to optimize the customer lifetime value (CLV) for B2B customers, companies are working to improve the customer buying journey by creating a seamless experience across marketing, sales, and support activities. This seamless customer experience requires the integration of new software and existing software to support a continuous, measurable journey.

GSPANN understands the challenges in stitching together ‘seamless experiences’ that include content management systems (CMS), marketing automation, email, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile, and other supporting software within the customer experience ecosystem. Our technology clients are provided GSPANN’s leadership in identifying, integrating, and delivering customer experience solutions that build the brand while driving greater revenue per customer.

High Technology Solutions

We help technology companies engage and retain more customers with solutions that support the marketing, sales, and support journeys customers experience.

Integrated Content Marketing

Working with marketers to integrate different digital platforms, while developing cohesive multi-channel campaigns that use them. 

Customer Journey Road Map

Helping companies identify and optimize each digital touchpoint, regardless of channel, to deliver the ideal brand experience.

Marketing Funnel Analytics

Enabling marketers measure, report, and act to improve the number and quality of leads coming from Marketing funnel. 

Mobile Applications

Developing mobile applications and providing ongoing support that brands use across their businesses.

Customer Experience

Working with brands to deliver consistent, streamlined customer journeys across the web, mobile, search, and social touchpoints. 

B2B E-Commerce

Working with companies create custom solutions that integrate PIM, DAM, and CMS with e-commerce platforms for direct buying.

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Nav Grover

Nav Grover

CEO, Co-founder

Nav is a leader in enterprise content management solutions, with over 15 years of experience delivering global content solutions for the largest global consumer brands. As a co-founder of GSPANN, Nav manages the operations of the company, while finding time to work with key clients to provide guidance around content management-driven web initiatives they have. Nav is based in Milpitas, California.

Praveen Chandra

Praveen Chandra

Practice Leader, Analytics and Data Management

Praveen leads the analytics and data management practice. Within his practice, he guides retailers and technology brands in the planning and delivery of business intelligence, analytics, and information management solutions. Having worked for several retailers prior to GSPANN, Praveen brings hands-on analytics and data management experience to our clients. Praveen is based in Milpitas, California.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Practice Leader, Quality Engineering and DevOps

Amit leads our quality engineering and DevOps practice, where he provides over 15 years of SQA, DevOps, and global delivery experience for clients. Amit works with brands to transform development operations, by helping them define and execute strategies leading to modern quality engineering and continuous development practices. Amit is based in Milpitas, California.

Rolf Kraus

Rolf Kraus

Practice Leader, Content Management and Digital Marketing

Rolf has over two decades of experience in the software industry working as a technologist, marketer, and strategist. He focuses on customer experience strategies for retail, high technology, software, and manufacturing companies through the use of content management and e-commerce solutions. Rolf is a client partner for several accounts, while also a practicing strategist around content-driven retail solutions. Rolf is based in Portland, OR.

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