Manufacturing Expertise

Digital transformation is in full swing within manufacturing—‘Digital Manufacturing’ is now the mantra for leading manufacturing companies.  New technologies that include big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasing efficiencies and reducing cost by optimizing every part of the manufacturing value chain.

GSPANN understands that the technologies available to manufacturers can overwhelm, and that making investment decisions that drive expected outcomes is challenging.  As companies consider where to invest next, we provide companies with insight to help navigate their technology options and arrive at a best-fit road map.  In addition, we provide the architectural and implementation experience to integrate new technologies within established manufacturing environments.

Our experience in streamlining processes that take products from 'design to the store shelf' includes the integrating product lifecycle management (PLM), master data management (MDM), product information management (PIM), content management (CMS), and e-commerce platforms with a company’s existing technology investments.  We work to incrementally execute a transformational road map that leads to digital manufacturing.


65 percent of manufacturers use data and digital to build better businesses. Are you part of them?