Retail Expertise

Retail has become a challenging business driven by heightened and ever evolving consumer expectations.  Staying competitive requires brands to continue their investment in e-commerce, while also investing in the integration of store and digital channels to deliver the seamless cross-channel experience customers expect.  More than price, the ‘experience’ has become the battleground for many modern retailers.

We understand that a competitive experience can get a customer to add an item to their shopping cart, and that there are many ‘back office’ activities required to make that action a reality.  These activities may involve photography, product information, merchandizing, customer information, and eventually, publishing the information to the website—with all activities coordinated through software platforms.

GSPANN works with its clients to integrate, test, and operate all the software platforms necessary to make an amazing customer experience a reality.  These software platforms often include digital asset management systems (DAMS), product information management systems (PIMS), e-commerce platforms, content management systems (CMS), and other supporting software within the e-commerce ecosystem.


Content management, e-commerce, and personalization each continue their battle in 2017 to own the commerce experience