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What is BEAT?

BEAT is GSPANN’s proprietary ETL and data test framework that automates data quality, data audits, and data profiling. Built on open-source technology, BEAT ensures comprehensive quality checks to maintain the consistency of both data and business KPIs.

Design Once, Execute Multiple Times

Best suited for carrying out essential test cases for big data pipelines and data-specific test cases.

Auto-Detect Data Anomalies

Leverages machine learning to detect inconsistencies in the source and target data.

Auto-Generate Test Queries

Generates highly efficient and optimized queries based on source-to-target mappings (STM) through the test engines.

Data Auditing

Builds common checks for data sanity that, otherwise, causes a ripple effect by reflecting the wrong data in the reports.

Data Profiling

Examines, monitors, and cleanses data to create useful summaries for enabling better business decisions.

Continuous Integration

Provides ease of test execution, email alerts, and notifications to the CI/CD pipelines.

Product Features

Product Features

Works with a Wide Set of Technologies

BEAT works with a variety of popular databases, messaging queues, and file formats, as both source and target. Some of the most popular data stores with which BEAT is certified to work are indicated here. Additionally, BEAT can connect to transactional systems like SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc. via APIs. If you are unable to view your data source, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are constantly adding more certified sources to our list.

Test Coverage

Enhanced Test Coverage

BEAT improves productivity by drastically reducing the time required to build your repository by auto-creating test cases based on the Source-to-Target Mapping that is provided by the developer. BEAT also enhances the coverage of testing by providing a full set of out-of-the-box standard test cases (data quality, ETL, and metadata test cases) so that you can focus on more complex functional test cases.

Regression Suite

Regression Suite

BEAT’s test case repository can be used as a regression suite after executing any one test case. In the scenario where you have to execute a test cycle more than once, during the current sprint, you can create a regression suite by combining all impacted objects with a few simple clicks.

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

In traditional and manual testing, a significant amount of time is spent to document the root cause of failed test cases. BEAT provides a Failure Analysis Report that helps users get to the data element names and values that caused the mismatch.

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Component Architecture

The component architecture provide algorithms and logic to perform the feature set of a framework. It includes managing connections, administration, and user management along with providing project and test management features to organize the testing efforts. In addition, components like Parsing Engine, Query Builder, Scheduler, and Recommendation Engines work together to provide a seamless workflow for testing.

User Interface
User Interface
This module provides three out-of-the-box roles – Administrator, Tester, and Developer. BEAT also provides ability to define custom roles like Module Lead or Project Lead as required by the organization.
Application Component
Content Management
User Management
Test Case Management
Project Management
Parsing Engine
Query Builder
Application Component
This module provides logic to perform various application features of the BEAT framework. It includes managing connections, administration, user management, and project and test management features to organize the testing efforts. Additionally, the components like Parsing Engine, Query Builder, Scheduler, and Recommendation Engines work together to provide a seamless workflow for testing.
Reports & Metrics
Test Execution Summary
Test Results View
Data Profiling Dashboard
Reports & Metrics
Industry-standard test reports include a summary and detailed execution reports, failure analysis, and data comparison reports are included out of the box. It also provides CSV files that can be exported and used with any enterprise reporting tools to store test metrics.
Application Data
Test Cases
Query History
Test Results
Connection Info
Source-to-Target Mapping
Test Plans
Application Data
This module manages the application-level metadata that supports various features of BEAT. It includes, but is not limited to, test case definitions, source-to-target mappings, query execution history, test results, test statistics, connection details, etc.
External Integrations
External Integrations
BEAT integrates with Jenkins for providing CI/CD functionality with qTest for test case management and Jira for project management. This integration allows the users to view multiple reports like test execution progress through a Jira story, reports based on scenarios and tables, etc.


Praveen Chandra

Praveen Chandra

Practice Leader, Analytics and Data Management

Praveen leads the analytics and data management practice. Within his practice, he guides retailers and technology brands in the planning and delivery of business intelligence, analytics, and information management solutions. Having worked for several retailers prior to GSPANN, Praveen brings hands-on analytics and data management experience to our clients. Praveen is based in Milpitas, California.

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