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Why GSPANN + Adobe

With many Adobe partners to choose from—why consider GSPANN for your needs? It starts with our heritage that started nearly two decades ago when we began delivering global content management system (CMS) implementations for some of the world’s largest companies. We worked with some of the most respected CMS platforms at the time, including Day Software—the now industry-leading Adobe Experience Manager platform.

Our experience with many Adobe platforms predates their home with Adobe, giving us decades of experience understanding, integrating, and implementing them. The experiences during these early years delivering marketing and experience management solutions for retail, direct-to-consumer, financial, and manufacturing clients shaped the deep domain and platform knowledge we have now.

GSPANN continues to build upon the broad Adobe platform offering while integrating with clients’ existing investments to deliver marketing and experience management solutions for leading brands that are functionally and financially competitive.

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Starting Your Adobe Journey with GSPANN

Where can your Adobe journey start with GSPANN? We find our clients engage us within several broad categories when Adobe is part of their current or future consideration.
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Content Management

Adobe Experience Manager is a typical start for many GSPANN clients who want to leverage our deep domain knowledge and technical experience on the platform. With hundreds of content management solutions delivered across many industries, clients find delivery examples where the brand requirements, technical challenges, and leadership expectations are very similar to their own.

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Web Tagging and Analytics Maturity

Another typical starting engagement is an organization's website tagging and analytics—precisely how to move from their current state of the art, which is often a remnant of the initial web analytics implementation (i.e., Omniture), to a maturity-driven, best practices implementation. The updated solution must account for the organization's measurement needs, the instrumentation challenges of modern websites, and the proper Adobe Analytics implementation.

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Integrated Campaign Solutions

Many clients have Adobe and platforms from third-party vendors that must integrate into a marketing campaign solution. Delivering these solutions with multiple vendor platforms across domains is a challenging task. Clients reach out to us once they understand GSPANN's experience integrating not only Adobe platforms but also a myriad of third-party e-commerce, data, analytics, personalization, and campaign management platforms. Creating a usable campaign solution requires seamless integration of data flows between platforms.

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Customer Data Platform Integration

Hand-in-hand with Integrated Campaign Solutions, many organizations are formalizing their approach to a CDP (Customer Data Platform). Using Adobe Real-Time CDP with complementary platforms, GSPANN is helping clients finally gain a 360-degree view of their customers. The CDP collects, organizes, and correlates customer data from web, social, email, and other channels to provide insight that enables businesses to engage, market, and sell to their customers precisely.

Adobe Partnership and Center of Excellence
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Our Adobe partnership drives our culture for strategic and technical excellence within the solutions we deliver to our clients. Creating this culture requires maintaining an Adobe Center of Excellence (CoE). This CoE enables our consulting and technical leaders to cross-cultivate their knowledge and experience from client engagements using Adobe platforms and share their learnings with the larger team.

We see the results of maintaining the Adobe CoE in the quality of the consulting and technical teams we nurture and the number of individual and corporate Adobe certificates that GSPANN generates. Most recently, Adobe awarded us the Adobe Experience Manager, Sites Specialization certificate for North America.

Our Adobe CoE continues to cultivate an environment of learning, sharing, and ultimately excellent solutions for clients. This environment encourages our team to grow and adapt to emerging Adobe best practices they discover, apply, and document for others within GSPANN.

Adobe Platform Expertise

Adobe’s Experience Cloud is evolving quickly. With this evolution, businesses have more options, but navigating these options has become more challenging. Our years of experience working with these platforms gives GSPANN the insight to help organizations select, plan for, and integrate a best-fit mix of Adobe platforms that support your current and future needs.

Experience Management

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Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform is unlike platforms and applications you buy from Adobe, as it is the foundation for these platforms and applications. It provides many of Adobe’s newest applications and existing platforms with a standard set of potent capabilities. If you use Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Real-time CDP, or other recent applications, you will find the foundation they rely on is Adobe Experience Platform. GSPANN understands how this foundation supports Adobe’s platforms and applications while integrating it with your existing digital marketing investments to create a seamless digital marketing ecosystem.

Content & Commerce
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Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Our knowledge and experience implementing content management solutions prepared us to adopt Adobe Experience Manager as our leading CMS platform. The flexibility of this platform's headless and hybrid capabilities enabled GSPANN to support the sophisticated needs of e-commerce websites and multi-channel deployments.

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Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Adobe Experience Manager, digital asset management (DAM) platform from Adobe, complements many of our Adobe Experience Manager Sites projects. Clients looking to have a single, seamless working environment and integration point use these platforms together. GSPANN integrates this DAM platform into existing e-commerce, marketing, and advertising workflows for media management.

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Adobe Commerce

Implementing and integrating e-commerce ecosystems is our bread and butter. Adobe Commerce helps GSPANN provide both B2B and B2C organizations with cost-effective yet adaptive digital commerce solutions for organizations committed to Adobe platforms. Our e-commerce domain experience enables us to help clients gain the most value from their investment in Adobe Commerce.

Audiences & Insights

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Adobe Real-time CDP

With the introduction of Adobe Real-time CDP (Customer Data Platform), we finally have a platform that collects customer data from any channel into a single, unified customer profile. GSPANN is excited to have this platform available for our clients. Combined with Sensei, it provides marketers with AI-driven segmentation based on obscure details within a customer profile. This platform is becoming a game-changer for organizations.

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Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Sitting atop the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics changes how we do analytics. Capturing unlimited dimensions and events from any online or offline customer touchpoint and using Sensei to unearth subtle reasons behind customer behavior, the platform all but eliminates tedious, time-consuming model development by data scientists. GSPANN is helping clients better understand the reasons for customer behavior by taking advantage of this platform.

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Adobe Analytics

Nearly all of GSPANN's clients use Adobe Analytics. It is often a company's first experience with Adobe marketing tools, as many used the platform earlier. Our measurement strategy, implementation of instrumentation and tagging, and ongoing optimizations help our clients get the insights they need to make clear decisions.

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Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch is Adobe’s new dynamic tag manager (DTM) platform. Addressing issues found with various existing DTM platforms, Adobe Launch provides a thoughtfully designed, extensible platform that delivers light, efficient libraries to your sites. For organizations committed to the Adobe ecosystem, migrating to Adobe Launch makes sense, considering the eventual sunsetting of Adobe DTM and the immediate value delivered by the platform.

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Adobe Audience Manager

Many clients contently use Adobe Audience Manager to support their customer data management, customer segmentation and providing data to applications engaged across many channels. Integrating the platform into existing digital marketing investments, we help clients gain value from this platform while optimizing their segmentation approach.

Engagement Management
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Adobe Target

Combined with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign Manager, Adobe Target remains a mainstay of digital marketing investments for many organizations. We continue to work with clients to integrate and tune Adobe Target to provide them with a robust and serviceable solution to common personalization challenges found across channels.

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Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is the workhorse for defining and executing cross-channel communications for Adobe-centered organizations. Our experience integrating Adobe Campaign with the broader Adobe platform ecosystem or with third-party platforms has allowed us to deliver personalized cross-channel campaigns shaped by customer behavior.

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Adobe Journey Optimizer

Built atop the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Customer Journey Optimizer orchestrates the messaging for each touchpoint within the customer journey. The customer profile and third-party data, segmentation, along with AI, inform the actions and messages targeted for each touchpoint experience. Working with clients, GSPANN integrates third-party customer data sources and native Adobe data to create super-personalized journeys for their customers.

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Adobe Marketo Engage

Leading the marketing automation category for years, Marketo Engage continues its legacy now within Adobe Experience Cloud. Having strong followers before Adobe, many of our clients continue to use Marketo Engage as their primary cross-channel engagement platform, and GSPANN supports them. As the platform becomes fully integrated within the broader Adobe ecosystem, we will assist our clients in that transition, helping them take full advantage of Marketo’s future.