Adobe Experience Manager as a Corporate Intranet

Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to deliver a new corporate intranet for 160,000 employees at one of America’s largest department stores.

Read how GSPANN helped a Wisconsin, U.S.-based retail department store in completing a stalled Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation that would become their new corporate Intranet.

Things that you can learn from this case study:

  • How the project enabled users to have functionality access on multiple devices? The new intranet experience allowed users to have the functionality access on their mobile phones and tablets, which was unavailable earlier.
  • How AEM implementation made the process of accessing documents seamless? We were able to create a seamless search experience by integrating Censhare document platform with AEM.
  • How the integration provided every user a personalized experience? Through this intranet platform, each group and each person of the company was able to have a personalized experience.

AEM Corporate Intranet Case Study Download

Have a Fully-Responsive Intranet Experience with Adobe Experience Manager