Who is the Client

A US-based global brand of outdoor active lifestyle gear that is people’s preferred choice for sports clothing, equipment, and accessories in 70+ countries.

The Challenge

The client needed to reduce the effort required to create and update content within their e-commerce website while improving the flexibility around the experience.

Having invested in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) as their e-commerce platform, the client was looking for an alternative for built-in content management capabilities found within the platform. After evaluating various web content management platforms, the client decided upon Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as their content management platform of choice.

With AEM as the selected platform, there was no available integration with SFCC. The client wanted a way to create and publish the content, define user experience within AEM while having SFCC continue to ‘own the glass’ by delivering the experience.

The Solution

GSPANN provided project planning, architecture, implementation, and testing of the AEM solution. The solution integrated AEM with SFCC and delivered content-driven e-commerce websites for the customer’s four global brands. Leveraging component capabilities within AEM, we empowered the website and content managers with reusable, drag-and-drop components that provided a flexible way to quickly structure page experience.

This enabled marketers and merchandisers to control the layout and content of pages within the website while adhering to the brand guidelines without depending on the IT team for making any changes.

Since there were no integrations available for AEM and SFCC, GSPANN developed its own integration approach that it had successfully used with other clients. Treating AEM as a content service and exposing it to SFCC through lightweight web service calls, we provided the ability to publish content and have it immediately published on pages in SFCC.

Business Impact

  • Centralized control of web page layout, content creation, and content editing.
  • Real-time content publishing that enabled immediate responses to market opportunities.
  • Maintained the proven high-performance, high-availability SFCC presentation, and rendering environment while leveraging the AEM’s capabilities.

Technologies Used

Adobe Experience Manager 6.1. A comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms
Salesforce Commerce Cloud. A cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all digital channels
Languages. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Angular.js

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