Adobe Experience Manager with SFCC (Demandware)

Use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to simplify your content creation and management for SFCC (Demandware) e-commerce websites

Learn how GSPANN helped a $2.5B global sportswear and equipment manufacturer streamline web operations, reduce their dependence upon IT, and improve customer engagement by using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to manage the shopping experience within their SFCC (Demandware) e-commerce sites.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • How to Empower Marketing and Merchandising.  That your marketing and merchandising teams can manage the SFCC (Demandware) shopping experience directly from within the Adobe Experience Manager environment.
  • Use of Adobe Target for eCommerce Personalization.  How Adobe Experience Manager empowers your SFCC (Demandware) experience through Adobe Target personalization capabilities.
  • How Marketing can Control SFCC (Demandware) Page Layout.  How publishing page layout and content updates to SFCC (Demandware) happen in real-time, with no required dependencies on the IT team.
  • Improving Your Speed, Reducing Your Cost.  How replacing the SFCC (Demandware)’s built-in content management tool can reduce effort, improve your market responsiveness, and reduce costs.
  • Leveraging an Industry-proven Solution.  That GSPANN was the first vendor to provide a production-quality integration between Adobe Experience Manager and SFCC (Demandware).

GSPANN Case Study AEM SFCC (Demandware) Integration

Are you ready to deliver a superior experience in SFCC (Demandware) using Adobe Experience Manager?