Who is the Client

A US-based manufacturer of skincare products with $1.5B annual sales. Millions of customers across United States, Canada, and Australia exclusively depend on this brand for their skincare and makeup routine.

The Challenge

The client’s marketing team runs several promotional email campaigns to promote their products and services. For these email campaigns, the marketing team used standardized emails that were sent out to the entire customer base. They soon realized that it was not an effective way of running the campaigns since every customer had a unique requirement. These general emails did not resonate with their audience, leading to low customer engagement and adversely impacting their overall business growth. A low lead generation and conversion rate prompted them to change their marketing strategy and improve decision-making capabilities.

They wanted to generate personalized emails for their customers to sell them what they were looking for. With this strategy, they aimed to sell their products and services more effectively.

The Solution

GSPANN developed Dell Boomi AtomSphere jobs to collect valid data points from customers’ visits during promotions and campaigns. We automated Boomi jobs to seamlessly read and process the data (available in Salesforce marketing cloud) without any manual intervention. Dell Boomi AtomSphere middleware helped the client to capture the right statistics and data for strategizing marketing campaigns. This helped the business development team to clearly identify customers’ interest and engage them in more products of their interest.

GSPANN analyzed the promotional email campaign logs (in MS Excel or .CSV file format) available in the Salesforce marketing cloud. We scheduled and automated Boomi AtomSphere jobs to extract and clean the data (available in SFTP server) that the Salesforce marketing cloud scheduler pushed to the SFTP server. Boomi AtomSphere jobs transformed the data and placed it in the Microsoft SQL database. The SQL jobs pushed data into the client's data warehouse (DW) where marketing executives can analyze and generate email campaign reports. Overall, Dell Boomi AtomSphere enabled the client’s marketing team to track and engage with the potential customers.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere jobs helped the client in segregating their potential customers, increasing the prospects to bring more business.

Business Impact

  • Implemented Dell Boomi AtomSphere automation that analyses over 300K records daily and reaches 15M at the time of new product promotions.
  • Increased marketing team's efficiency with an intuitive Dell Boomi AtomSphere interface and reporting system to proactively pitch their offerings.
  • Enhanced conversion rate through personalized product promotional emails, which increased the number of visitors and potential buyers.

Technologies Used

Atlassian JIRA and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide an online team collaboration environment
Dell Boomi AtomSphere. A cloud-based, multi-tenant platform used to integrate various software applications, enabling the transfer of data between on-premise apps and cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud. A customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns
Software Development. Apache Groovy
SFTP Server. Secure server for transferring files
MSSQL. A relational database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications
Operating System. Microsoft Windows

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