Automated production support system to drive Hadoop operations on your e-commerce website

Run your Hadoop operations and other Big Data environments smoothly by providing your Data Development Service (DDS) an automated production support.

Read how GSPANN provided a Cincinnati, US-based premier retailer, having various departmental and specialty stores, strategic alliance to overcome operational challenges on their Hadoop system.

Things that you can learn from this paper:

  • How to improve the overall functionality of the e-commerce website? Providing multi-level engagement and an efficient L2 production support to reduce the resolution turnaround time for operational challenges and permanent fixture of frequently recurring job failures.
  • How to monitor the process more effectively? Automating the workflow by integrating multiple technology servers, such as FTP, DB2, Oracle, and other Hadoop servers, made it easier to create consistency and efficiency within the operations.
  • How it made the whole approach more customer-centric? Automation of production support, reduced possibility of errors, quick turnaround time of jobs, increased accountability of Hadoop operations, and extended support from offshore ensured that the process is fine-tuned with customer's approach to the website.

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Overcome operational challenges and improve your website’s functionality