Who is the Client

A US-based retailer with more than 700 departmental stores and 150 specialty stores, client is a major player in their industry and one of the oldest shopping destinations for their customers.

The Challenge

The client offers various products to its customers through multiple vendors. They offer end-customers an option to make a wishlist of gifts in the form of a ‘registry’ from where their friends and family can buy these gifts. When the total number of purchases (or a specific purchase) meets the criteria as described by the vendors of the client, the customer becomes eligible to receive a bonus item.

However, the existing process requires store associates to manually check and validate whether the purchases meet the criteria that are set by the vendors against the ‘registry’ details of customers via the existing user interface (UI). The process was time-consuming and cost-intensive. The client wanted to automate the validation and bonus item ordering process.

The Solution

Team GSPANN created a feature-rich UI for store associates. We developed REST API endpoints and integrated them with a new UI that enables creating, viewing, and tracking bonus approval requests. To eliminate manual validation, the solution utilizes Spring batch for creating a batch job that runs every day to check if the bonus requests submitted qualify for the bonus or not.

Hence, whenever a customer requests a bonus item, the store associate creates a request through the new UI. To define the UI structure, we used Backbone.js and Handlebars.js to customize the application templates. We developed RESTful API services by using Java and Spring.

The solution uses DB2 as database. It deploys backend application in JBoss application server and uses Git for source code repository. The client can now generate weekly reports of the customers who qualify for bonus items to pass the order information to the vendor.

Business Impact

  • The automated bonus approval process helps the client in segregating the qualified and unqualified customers for the bonus item.
  • The new system can deliver error-free validations, helping the client to provide a better experience to their customers and increase loyalty.
  • On an average, 11,000 bonus items were shipped annually in the previous years. Considering it took 15 minutes to validate each shipment manually, the solution saved 44,000 man-hours by automating the process.

Technologies Used

Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide online team collaboration environment
Red Hat JBoss. An open-source Java EE-based application server runtime platform used for building, deploying, and hosting highly-transactional Java applications
Spring Batch. An open-source framework for batch processing that enables the development of robust batch applications
IBM DB2. A family of hybrid data management products offering a complete suite of AI-empowered capabilities to manage data on-premises as well as in private and public cloud environments
Java. A class-based, object-oriented programming language that app developers write once and run on all Java-supported platforms without needing any re-compilation
Platform. AWS, Rackspace, and Equinix
Git. An open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency

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