Boost the efficiency of your JavaScript Libraries with Code Refactoring Solutions

Enhance source code readability by removing the inconsistent ones with the help of code transformation for javascript libraries.

Read how GSPANN helped a Cincinnati, US-based premier retailer with a very large eCommerce platform in getting rid of numerous back-end issues with data-capturing FormAPIs with source code refactoring solutions.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Resolved back-end issues without disturbing the external functionalities: The client’s existing TeamSite CMS was facing numerous back-end issues. They were resolved by refactoring while preserving the external functionalities and improving source code readability.
  • Managing eCommerce data made easier: By Refactoring JavaScript Libraries with Node.js and simplifying the process of reading and modifying the source code, it was easier to manage eCommerce data through their TeamSite CMS tool.
  • A cost-effective solution in the long-run: The redesigning and making the existing JavaScripts libraries efficient is sure to save a lot of company’s cost down the road.
  • Created re-usable source code modules: By extending cross-platform capabilities, it was now possible to use source code modules outside the existing environment.

GSPANN’s source code refactoring solution provided code transformation for JavaScript libraries to the client, fixing numerous back-end issues to meet the ever-changing need of their eCommerce platform.

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Manage your eCommerce data easily by refactoring javascript libraries with Node.js