Automated Release Operations

Business Intelligence Dashboard for Release Engineering (RE) Operations Automation

Read how GSPANN help a US-based $25B retailer to optimize their RE operations for monitoring the functional health of applications in over 100 environments across more than 3,600 servers.

Key highlights:

  • Removal of recurring development and QA defects via a scalable service model that ensures 24x7 application uptime.
  • Segregation of application environments to expedite problem resolutions and reduce defects while meeting SLAs.
  • Defining an escalation matrix to streamline and automate the resolution of over 1,500 incidents per month.

This case study can help you understand the importance of streamlining release engineering operations via automation and tracking, and how it can help you to reduce cost, enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and go-to-market faster.


Optimizing Release Engineering Operation Case Study