Who is the Client

A US-based Fortune 500 departmental store chain with more than 1000 stores across the states, they are bringing stylish clothing for the entire family since decades now.

The Challenge

The client manages its e-commerce portal with Oracle Commerce Cloud. However, due to cost ineffectiveness and limited catalog content management functionalities, the client could not meet the business objectives.

The client wanted to manage their e-commerce portal better and optimize the cost incurred through their paid catalog content management functionalities, such as search and browse, drag and drop, list re-order, and more. Currently, these functionalities could not be customized to meet the specific needs of the business. Moreover, Oracle Commerce Cloud did not support some features, such as creating/editing rules, which the business required to meet their goals.

The Solution

Team GSPANN designed a Java-based in-house tool for the client’s internal users with business-specific functionalities for catalog content management. These functionalities include the features that Oracle Commerce Cloud offers along with some add-ons, such as creating a rule table with multiple reusable components to define/edit rules that Oracle Commerce Cloud does not provide.

We developed the tool with reusable UI components to cater different business requirements. It facilitates cloud readiness, Continuous Delivery (CD), and DevOps best practices, and is based on a service-oriented architecture with aspects of microservices. It has creative menus that allows content to load dynamically on each page. The application handles a vast amount of data via server-side rendering to improve the performance and ‘lazy loading’ on content-intensive pages.

The tool also has a WYSIWYG editor that provides multiple options to format the pasted or typed data. The dashboard page has different widgets to show priority information and helps in navigating to the respective pages. The rule table feature for creating and updating rules in the application speeds up the overall process.

We developed a pixel-perfect user interface (UI) for this tool that leverages animations to deliver a pleasing experience to the users. It also has a custom validation framework that gives meaningful error messages on the page to help the users to make corrections.

The new tool enables a business user to manage the placement and display of products, promotions, rich media, and other forms of content spotlighting. The same content can be used in any number of locations on a site or across multiple sites within the application, decreasing the time and effort of creating and maintaining the content. Besides, it presents the most relevant content to the visitors at each step of the online experience based on their searches.

Business Impact

  • The new tool offers features that make it easy for users to navigate and utilize the platform.
  • The solution can handle a massive amount of data from multiple sources.
  • The new tool supports the latest technologies and practices, including cloud, DevOps, Continuous Delivery (CD), and more.

Technologies Used

JavaScript. A high-level interpreted scripting language for web development
HTML/CSS. Two core technologies for building web pages
JsRender. An open-source JavaScript library for writing web applications using templates
jQuery. A JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal, manipulation, event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax

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