Who is the Client

A US-based leading clothing store that offers a wide range of clothing, accessory, and personal care products since 40+ years. A big name in retail, they are available in 200 international locations.

The Challenge

The in-built content management solution, i.e. business control center (BCC) in OCC, prevented the client from making content changes quickly. Moreover, their marketing team was dependent on the development team to publish content into production.

The inadequate content management features of BCC increased the turnaround time and made content authoring difficult. The client wanted to implement an advanced content management system that could provide a flexible and simplified content publication mechanism while enabling last-minute changes. The intent was to customize content authoring options to minimize the effort and time taken to publish content on multiple e-commerce channels.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge, GSPANN focused on simplifying the drag-and-drop navigation option to reduce the content authoring time and effort along with providing the authors with a unified content preview that includes future-dated content publication options. GSPANN delivered an end-to-end solution that includes application architecture, UI development, QA automation, application deployment, and WCS infrastructure support. We developed a software utility to migrate the content from BCC to WCS, deployed automation for content validation of daily content flips and publication for future-dated content. Besides, we also integrated WCS with Akamai Edge Server to render dynamic content for the end-users based on their geographic location.

The e-commerce website performance was optimized, and the content management was simplified through clear division and management of content and commerce-centric pages into:

  • WCS pages – Home, Sales event, Brand landing, and Gift registry pages.
    • WCS Content – Header, Footer, and Navigation.
    • ATG Pages – Product, Catalogue, Shipping address, Credit Card details, and Search pages.
  • Akamai Edge Server Integration – Provided content caching of webpages with flexible page expiry.
  • Apigee API – Integrated to pass through and throttle page content without aggregation.
  • Endeca’s API – Integrated with WCS to get search categories for the guided search.
  • Akamai TTL and purge solutions to flip content, which was not possible via BCC.

This resulted in a seamless integration of WCS and OCC platforms that enabled marketers to update and publish content in near real-time. The solution was also integrated with Akamai to control page expiration within Akamai for all WCS and OCC-managed pages.

Content marketers can now perform A/B testing and have it work seamlessly with Akamai, while managing content in one location to publish across all target channels.

Business Impact

  • Easy scheduling of BCC projects through WCS and OCC integration.
  • Automated testing for creating, editing, publishing content.
  • Reduced cycle time by automating the publishing after deployment into staging and production servers.

Technologies Used

Oracle WCS 11g. CMS tool
Oracle OCC. It brings the power and flexibility of the cloud to the reliability and power of Oracle Commerce and Endeca
Oracle WebLogic 11g. Application server to host WCS
Oracle Database 11g. Store the content of WCS
NFS Mount. Shared drive for clustering the WCS nodes
Jenkins. An open-source automation server that helps in building, testing, deploying, and facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery
GIT or Gerrit. Distributed version control, source code management, and central repository.
Tonomi. Enables fast, safe, and secure management of applications and their environments on public and private clouds
Akamai Edge Server. It applies the business rules that the content provider has specified, before using the best available route between all other edge servers
Apigee API. An API gateway management tool offered by Google to exchange data across cloud services and applications

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