Delivered better web experience by implementing best-in-class CMS practices

Read how GSPANN helped a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based leading insurance and takaful business provider, in improving the overall performance of the website by refactoring Oracle WCS.

What you can learn from this case study:

  • Enhanced OWCS configuration: Reconfiguring the existing WCS infrastructure and fixing programming issues improved the overall performance of the website.
  • Automating the processes: The automation of tasks helped in eradicating high number of instances of error and stabilizing the website’s ecosystem.
  • Improved website’s response time: Refactoring the existing OWCS with correct configurations helped in improving the website’s response time.

As Oracle WCS partner, GSPANN was able to configure the existing WCS that greatly improved the company’s otherwise impeding annual revenue and business growth.

Refactoring OWCS Case Study Download

Refiguring the existing WCS infrastructure to improve the website's performance.