Enhance the Functionality of Your eCommerce Application with Automated Sanity Checks and Regression Testing

Read how GSPANN helped a California, US-based medical equipment company with testing automation solutions for their eCommerce application.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Reduced testing time: The time taken for regression testing and sanity checks was drastically reduced via Cucumber-based test automation framework.
  • Application updates made easy: Behavior-driven development enabled to make any updates in the application without impacting the unrelated parts.
  • Ensured defect-free releases: The test automation solution also enabled the client to identify the defects during sanity checks and regression testing, allowing defect-free releases.

GSPANN’s regression test automation services enhanced the overall efficiency of the client’s eCommerce application.

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Automated regression testing and sanity checks for an eCommerce application