Enrich Shopping Experience on your WordPress eCommerce Website with WooCommerce and SalesForce CRM integration

Integrating Salesforce with your WordPress CMS website to enhance performance, fix the issues, and attain a stable environment.

Read how GSPANN helped a California, US-based cheese and whey product manufacturer in overcoming the limitations of its existing revenue generating WordPress eCommerce website.

What can we learn from this paper?

  • Overall improvement in the website's performance: By upgrading the outdated plugins and introducing the new functionalities, we were able to enhance the overall performance of the website.
  • Streamlined front-end workflow: The integration enabled the streamlining of the front-end workflow for multiple deployments.
  • Filtered junk requests from the Contact Us page: Sales and marketing team was getting junk requests from the Contact Us page. The integration helped the teams to filter the legitimate requests from the junk ones easily.
  • Integration enabled website optimization: Integrating the existing WordPress website with WooCommerce helped in personalizing the shopping experience.

By integrating Salesforce with Wordpress CMS, GSPANN was able to provide a smooth functional website in a stable WordPress environment.

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Get a smooth-functioning eCommerce website with a stable environment via WordPress