Who is the Client

A US-based brokerage firm that provides investing and trading services to 11 million client accounts that amounts to more than $1 trillion in assets.

The Challenge

The client’s marketing team was using Adobe Target’s ‘Offers’ to create content blocks with the help of classic HTML editor. These content blocks had 15 different variations that had unique styling, messages, button styles, background colors, etc. and were deployed on a Single Page Application (SPA).

The developers had to intervene every time the marketing team needed to make a change in the content block styling or color, since it required editing in HTML markup (bundled with CSS classes).

The client wanted to automate the content block creation process to eliminate any dependency on the developers and for a faster time to market.

The Solution

GSPANN’s team reviewed the client’s existing processes and came up with a sustainable solution to reduce the turnaround time and developers’ involvement.

  • We proposed and developed a custom component in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that could produce all variations required for this use case.
  • To leverage the Experience Fragment (XF) features, we upgraded AEM from to version.
  • We used XF and leveraged the ‘Export to Target’ feature to publish content on Adobe Target.

After upgrading AEM successfully, we built the building blocks: a custom component and an XF template. Authors create and preview the base version of the offer in AEM and then publish it on Adobe Target. The offer is seen under the ‘Offers‘ section in Target. The content specialist links this offer to multiple activities and builds an experience for the target users across various digital channels.

Authors use the XF’s variation feature to build more variants of the offer. They can apply different styles to these variations. This solution also supports publishing the variations to Target and use them to deliver channel-agnostic content. This helps the user to build, modify, and reuse an offer.

Business Impact

  • Time to build an offer using a pre-built template in AEM is now reduced from 5 days to 15-20 minutes.
  • The client was able to save approx. 40 hours spent in creating 15 content variations.
  • By integrating Adobe Target’s ‘Offer’ content into AEM, the personalized alerts follow the content lifecycle of build, preview, review, and publish.

Technologies Used

Adobe Experience Manager. Content management system
Adobe Consulting Services (ACS) Commons. Tool used to migrate users/groups/permissions
GitHub. Source Code Management (SCM) Tool
Languages. Java and Linux
Selenium/Cucumber/Spring Boot. Quality assurance automation framework
Jenkins. Code delivery pipeline
Atlassian Jira. Platform to manage sprint stories

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