Faster Time-to-Market for Customized Content with Adobe Experience Manager

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based brokerage firm that provides investing and trading services to 11 million client accounts that amount to more than $1 trillion in assets, in drastically reducing time and effort involved in the process of creating multiple variations of promotional content. We developed a custom AEM component with an intuitive interface to easily create different versions of content instead of Adobe Target’s ‘Offers,’ which requires the intervention of developers for making any edits in the content.

Key highlights:

  • Upgraded AEM from to version to leverage the Experience Fragment (XF) features for integrating AEM with Target.
  • Time to build an offer using a pre-built template in AEM is now reduced from 5 days to 15-20 minutes. The solution helped the client to save approx. a week’s effort (40 hours), which was required to build 15 different content variations.
  • The Marketing team can create content blocks in AEM using an intuitive interface and use the ‘Export to Target’ link to publish them on Target with a single click.

This case study emphasizes the importance of removing dependencies on the development team to reduce the turnaround time in producing multiple content variations and smoothly execute time-sensitive campaigns without any friction. The ability to produce and edit content via a CMS eliminates the need to edit HTML code.

Integrate Adobe Experience Manager with Target Case Study