Who is the Client

A US-based brokerage firm that provides investing and trading services to 11M client accounts, and own more than $1 trillion of assets.

The Challenge

The client wanted to deliver an enhanced digital web experience for its website and microsite to gain a competitive business advantage. However, their legacy content management system (CMS), TeamSite, had limited capabilities to manage web properties, such as authoring components, website templates, RSS feeds, digital assets (images and videos), etc. The client wanted to overcome TeamSite's limitations in managing content and digital assets for their website and microsite. Their main objective was to migrate the existing CMS to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for delivering an enhanced digital experience for their users.

They were looking for a partner to help them migrate their website from TeamSite to AEM to manage digital marketing assets better.

The Solution

GSPANN provided structural flexibility to the client’s CMS architecture, enabling it to deliver a customized web experience. We identified limitations of the TeamSite CMS and addressed them through designing and developing various CMS entities, like AEM components, web templates, webpages, etc. This enabled the client’s website and microsite to perform and scale at a better pace. We implemented a modular programming approach for software development and release management. This approach increased the source code re-usability and curtailed the time-to-market for new deployments.

We also designed re-usable AEM pages and components by using Adobe’s recommended Sling Model framework along with a safety net of JUnit tests and integrated AEM workflows with Akamai Cache flush mechanism to display real-time content updates on the website. We deployed Content Delivery Network (enabled with the Akamai cloud delivery platform) to achieve a higher webpage rendering speed and high uptime for the website. Multiple jobs were programmed through Jenkins for automated source code release and deployment on staging and live environments.

Our experts designed and developed an end-to-end automation regression testing suite by using Selenium, Spring Boot, and Cucumber framework for functional verification, from building AEM pages to validating the entire website.

As a result of our implemented solutions, the client achieved three things: automated deployments, due to CI/CD pipeline integration for a fully-automated process of source code releases and deployments; easy content management, established with a single point of access to manage the website and microsite content; and an automated AEM framework for author and publisher environments in AEM.

Business Impact

  • An automated framework for web deployments reduced the time frame for building and deploying web components from 5-7 days to 4-8 hours.
  • Easy content approval facilitated with a portable and reusable publish-to-preview mechanism in AEM.
  • Reduced dependency of content authors on the development team to update daily content flips on the website and microsite.

Technologies Used

Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide an online team collaboration environment
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). A comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms
Eclipse Neon. IDE for application code development
Cucumber. A testing tool that supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and offers a way to write easy-to-understand test cases
Maven and Jenkins. CI/CD build and deployment tool
JCR. Java Content Repository (Java API)
Apache Sling. An open-source web framework for the Java platform designed to create content-centric applications
GitHub. A code hosting platform for version control and collaboration that allows working together on projects from anywhere
Linux. Operating System for AEM and Web servers

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