Get a Unified View of the Health Status of Google Cloud-based eCommerce Microservices

Monitor your Google Cloud-based microservices with 24x7 DevOps production support to do viability checks constantly on website’s various application components

Read how GSPANN helped a Milwaukee, US-based leader in the retail segment, with over 1150 physical stores and a very large e-commerce platform, in upgrading their aging website to an open-source platform to provide run-time visibility of various application components within a single dashboard.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • More stable e-commerce environment:  After migration from existing e-commerce platform on Oracle ATG to MOSAIC - hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we were able to provide run-time visibility of all the microservices-based e-commerce components within a single dashboard.
  • Faster resolution of problems:  24x7 DevOps production support and automated sanity checks enabled monitoring and tracking of the health of microservices, which gave the client enough time to resolve any problem.
  • Improved communication within the team:  The single dashboard view improved the intra-team communication, which in turn improved the overall functionality of the platform.

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Quick sanity checks for the application components of your microservices-based website