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Improve Customer Retention with Better User Experience and Website Performance

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based firm that operates a travel discount website with more than 10 million unique users in drastically increasing the number of sign-ups and engagement on the website. We migrated the website from Angular JS to React for better performance and developed new features that help in offering a personalized experience, encouraging visitors to sign-up, and engaging the existing customers more with the website.

Key highlights:

  • After migrating to the new framework, the page load time for mobile and desktop sites decreased by 48% and 30% respectively. The bounce rate for the mobile site decreased by 13% and the desktop site by 16%.
  • With Google one-tap button, the average monthly sign-ups increased by 33%. Previously, users were creating multiple accounts on the website with different social media IDs that were recognized as different accounts and were targeted separately, leading to duplication of efforts. With Google one-tap button, this issue was resolved.
  • With the newly-designed attractive banners, the app downloads increased by 300%.

This case study can help you understand how website performance directly impacts the website conversion. It outlines the importance of engaging visitors the moment they land on the website with a personalized experience and relevant offers.

At the same time, streamlining the process of sign-ups is the key to getting visitors’ information that enables businesses to run targeted campaigns in the future about various promotional offers for better user engagement and retention.

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Case Study

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