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Leverage Big Data DevOps Strategy to Effectively Manage Data Flow Processes

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based $19B retail giant in streamlining the process of data management without hampering the health of their website’s environments.

Things that you can learn from this paper:

  1. Effective application monitoring: Developed a dashboard to keep a check on application health and ensure that the website operates smoothly.
  2. Easy to detect and rectify application issues: Discarded the client’s existing manual, potentially error-prone processes by developing multiple automation via Shell Scripts to detect infrastructure and application issues.
  3. Enhanced productivity while saving cost: The continuous monitoring and alert notifications reduced downtime and terminated the unused resources, thereby enhancing productivity at a relatively reduced cost.

GSPANN helped the client with Big Data DevOps strategy and helped in monitoring their large e-commerce website in a real-time manner.

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