Make Your Website Responsive and Engaging with Adobe Experience Manager

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based company that provides digital performance platform to increase their customer engagement by offering synchronized content management and marketing system with the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud components.

Things that you can learn from this paper:

  • Manage content seamlessly: The CMS migration to AEM 6.2 provided a unified solution to make content management centralized for more than 1000 web pages, which can work seamlessly across geographies and locales with translated content, independent of users’ browser and device.
  • Create a cloud-based marketing system: Marketing team can manage marketing campaigns, leads, and other marketing assets flawlessly, without jeopardizing user experience and any dependency on the IT team.
  • Better website tracking: We migrated jQuery code for tags and rules from Ensighten to Adobe DTM to capture webpage clicks and track them in a simpler way through Adobe Analytics, diminishing technical limitations of the existing platform.

Get a Fully Responsive Digital Experience with Adobe Marketing Cloud