POS Automation Testing Through JavaScript Framework Based On Squish GUI Tester

Read how GSPANN helped a San Francisco, US-based cosmetics retail leader in automation testing of their complex POS system with the help of Squish JavaScript framework, addressing various challenges that they were facing in their existing system.

Things that you can learn from this case study:

  • How the move helped in validating the functionality of the existing test scripts? We expedited the testing of various eCommerce senarios, thereby reducing the overall testing efforts.
  • How it enabled agile testing of JavaScripts? The upgrade facilitated the long test cycles with one click automation (OCA), improving the overall efficiency of the POS system.
  • How it enhanced the global testing of the POS system? The configurable global serving of automated POS system radically reduced the support and maintenance efforts while also enabling quick sanity checks of the 3rd party integrations.
  • How it enabled upgrades without hampering the existing system? The system took lesser time to add new builds or upgrade without obstructing the ongoing functionality.

POS Automation Testing Case Study

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