Reduce Functional Verification Time via eCommerce UI Automatic Tagging Solutions

Read how GSPANN helped a California, US-based premier retailer, with over 700 departmental stores and 150 specialty stores in 45 states, in switching from the manual MS Excel Spreadsheet to automatic tagging and validation solutions.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Reduced functional verification time: As opposed to the manual process of verification, automatic tagging for eCommerce back-end and front-end services reduced the time taken for all validations.
  • Scheduled reporting system: The automated framework to log the test results enabled scheduling the reporting system on actionable items.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of the testing environment: By merging both front-end and back-end, Java automation enhanced the overall effectiveness of the testing environment.

GSPANN’s Java test automation framework and automated tagging for UI and back-end services enhanced the company’s overall productivity.

Java Test Automation Framework Case Study Download

Reduce the functional verification and validation time for your eCommerce website