Test Automation for Microservices-based APIs

Get real-time testing by eliminating build failures and cutting down failure analysis time.

Read how GSPANN helped a Milwaukee, US-based leader in retail segment in improving its eCommerce platform by automating the testing approach for APIs and microservices.

Things that you can learn from this case study:

  • How the move helped in catching problems earlier in testing cycle? Client's move to a fully automated platform turned out to be future-proof with agile real-time testing.
  • How the overall time taken to uncover faulty code has reduced? The automation of REST API and microservices has rapidly reduced the overall time taken to uncover the code causing an error.
  • How testing automation enabled the delivery of quality faster by reducing the effort? The agile API test automation has excessively helped the client to increase its turnaround time by delivering quality testing quicker.

API and Microservices Agile Test Automation Case Study Download

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