A Secure Virtual Collaboration Platform for the External Users to Share the Data Within the Organization

Read how GSPANN helped a $9.1B company, that builds and designs semiconductor processing equipment, in developing a secure SharePoint-based platform using Digital Rights Management (DRM) for its internal users and vendors.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Streamlined the process of data sharing: By streamlining the process of file sharing and enabling the external users to create their accounts easily via a customized SharePoint-based platform, the client was able to manage the user accounts easily and efficiently.
  • Secure data sharing: The users could now view the content securely by disabling the documents from being copied, printed or downloaded.
  • Automated major tasks to reduce support: By automating many major support tasks, the client got a hassle-free, easy user management system to manage their vendor’s and supplier’s credentials

GSPANN’s SharePoint-based collaboration platform not only enabled the client to exchange data securely with the external vendors, but also enhanced the overall productivity of the organization.

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SharePoint Collaboration Platform Case Study

Virtual exchange of confidential data in a secure environment via SharePoint platform