Cut Down the Operational Cost by Strategic Provisioning of Cloud Infrastructure

Read how GSPANN helped a leader in retail segment with a very large eCommerce platform, based out of Milwaukee, US, in fixing the issues with their Cloud Infrastructure Automation System, which had a direct impact on their Operational Expenditure (OPEX).

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Optimized existing resources: Client wanted to optimize the unused or over-provisioned cloud infrastructure to reduce the operational cost. It was done by configuring critical cloud components and reducing hardware configurations on virtual machines (VM).
  • A huge reduction in operational cost: The migration from Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) did away with a lot of stale infrastructures and allocated the existing resources, which helped the client to do away with sky-high operational costs.
  • Deployed a cloud governance framework: The client’s existing automation system was proving to be inefficient in the provisioning of the cloud infrastructure. Hence, a cloud governance framework was deployed to manage and optimize the development, QA, release, and performance environments.

GSPANN’s strategic provisioning of cloud infrastructure services and virtual machine hardware optimization services provided a huge cut in the client’s overall operational cost.

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Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning Case Study Download

Reduce cloud infrastructural cost with virtual machine hardware optimization services