Make your Website Responsive to Various Digital Channels via TeamSite and LiveSite

Don’t stay restricted to an HTML framework; content authoring and publishing made easy with TeamSite and LiveSite workflow.

Read how GSPANN helped a Sunnyvale, US-based company in making their website more responsive by redesigning it on the LiveSite environment.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • Web content optimized for multiple digital channels: The website was upgraded to deliver experiences across browsers and devices, including tablets, mobile, and the desktop.
  • Reduced cycle time: Created web components User Interface (UI) in Angular 5.0 framework and templates for web pages to reduce the time lag in updating the website content.
  • No more delays in content publishing: Developing the TeamSite and LiveSite workflow-enabled business content authors to update, create, and publish the web content without any delays.
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Responsive Website Development Case Study Download

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