Reduce SAP Hybris Code Testing and Deployment Time Using Automated Tests

Accelerate your SAP Hybris code release cycles using Selenium-based test automation.

Read how GSPANN helped a San Francisco, US-based company, skincare brand deliver new e-commerce functionality faster.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • Reduced software build execution time: Automation of testing suite not only reduced the dependency on manual testing but also reduced an overall turnaround time of sanity checks and regression cycle.
  • Easy site verification: By automating Daily Site Verification, it was now easier to share production maintenance reports on a regular basis.
  • Quick regression testing: Curtailed large execution time of regression testing by providing easy-to-manage automated testing environment across multiple applications in different locales.
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SAP Hybris Deployments Case Study Download

Regression Testing and Sanity Check Done Quicker with Automated Daily Site Verification