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Today's e-commerce clients want outstanding customer service and demand online purchasing services. Digital commerce is now all about delivering value and acing customer experience.  

In true Seattle style, the E-commerce Summit encompassed a phenomenal turnout of local e-commerce and retail experts who brought tremendous value to the event. Everyone in attendance gained knowledge from the community of thought leaders and industry experts, who shared their secrets for longevity, growth, customer retention, personalization, and more. 

The future of online shopping is dependent on smart solution providers who can offer tailored, engaging virtual experiences. Here are some top elements that can help revolutionize digital buying experiences: 

  • Customer data analysis: The online stores must utilize data to recommend products based on customers’ taste and preferences. Smart pricing and cross-promotions based on trends can help in better conversion and customer satisfaction. 
  • ML-enabled personalization: Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to generate intelligent algorithms to give individualized suggestions and pertinent search information. Businesses engaging in intelligent customization in e-commerce may anticipate about a 20 to 25-fold return on every dollar spent. 
  • Role of mobility: Smartphones and other handheld devices are changing customer expectations. The demand for on-the-go operations is leading to the creation of highly efficient and attractive applications that allow you to perform tasks on the go. 

Our experts, Rama Aluri (Sr. Vice President and Business Head – App Dev, Content and Commerce) and Rolf Kraus (Practice Leader – CMS and Digital Marketing), conducted a session on “Using International Marketplaces to Grow Your Global Reach”. The session shared insights on how to expand the e-commerce business in multiple countries by choosing the right marketplaces and growing through them. 

At GSPANN, our goal is to build deeper connections between the client and their customers. Our experts are well-equipped to offer fresh and innovative technical solutions and roadmaps to drive your winning in retail.