We Help Build Data-driven Businesses

Creating a data-driven organization, one that can see insights buried deep where competitors cannot, requires more than just access to data.  It requires that organizations have a strategy, plan, and roadmap of how they plan capture, organize, curate, and finally analyze their data to create actionable insights for the business to become more competitive, efficient, and responsive.

We people improve their business by through data management and analytics, working with individual departments and across the enterprise, to employ solutions that use data that businesses are already collecting and generating from their operations.  By working closely with stakeholders to understand their needs, we define strategies, roadmaps, implement technology, and guide our clients to make a data-driven organization possible.

Data and Analytics Offerings

We offer several services that help organizations start their data management and analytics initiatives with the correct strategy, planning, and organizational engagement required to reach their goals.

Data and Analytics Platform Selection

Facilitating the identification and selection of ‘right-fit’ analytics, data management, and visualization that align with your goals and needs.

Enterprise Analytics Strategy

Identifying how to provide leadership and stakeholders with actionable insights taken from across departments and systems.

Marketing Analytics Strategy

‘Moving the needle’ for marketing activities through actionable insights taken from web, email, social, and call center channel interactions.

Analytics Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

Identify the maturity of analytics practices, technologies, governance, and personnel in the context of support organizational goals and best practices.

Mobile Dashboards

Empower internal teams and those in the field with access to decision-making insights and information on their tablets and phones.

Data Science

Implementing self-learning machine learning and AI based chatbots and Analytical Models that provide measurable outcomes leveraging enterprise and/or open source platforms/components.


Data agility, the ability to understand data in context and take action is the competitive advantage, not just having the data

Data Management and Analytics Capabilities

Taken from delivering large data management and analytics solutions within retail, high technology, manufacturing, and financial services, our Data Management and Analytics practice has developed capabilities around technologies and practices to support departmental and enterprise initiatives.

Big Data

Providing a full complement of services to help you realize your goals and deliver business value from an investment in big data practices and technologies.

SAP HANA® Practice

Consulting, architecture, and implementation of SAP HANA® solutions for organizations that require real-time data analysis for production and reporting.

Hadoop Practice

Delivering big data solutions around the Hadoop ecosystem for organizations generating large amounts of data for processing and analytics insights.


Understanding complex relationships and trends in large amounts of data demands a visual perspective that help make decisions and see insights quickly.

Dashboards and Reporting

Creating actionable data and analytics aligned with how people want to consume it requires task-driven designs for dashboards and reports.

Master Data Management

Creating a single source of truth for operational and decision-making data based on good modeling, consistent governance, and clean data.


Building and implementing ML based Robotic Process Automation for optimizing manual activities that handle business work flows, e.g., invoice creation or call center operations using industry standard tools and in house developed capabilities.

Data Quality

Establishing a data platform is so much easier compared to building the confidence in the veracity of the data. Trust in data can only be achieved by implementing an evolved Data Quality and sustaining Data Governance framework. We help organizations achieve just that.

Machine Learning

Creating analytical models based on statistics that truly leverages the right features of the data is how we ensure the outputs of the algorithms are accurate. Predictive analytics and self-learning models allow our customers uncover obscure insights.