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about gspann

GSPANN Technologies was born out of a vision from two technologists with an extraordinary impulse for purposeful technology. Through the sheer persistence of quality and commitment, GSPANN has carved for itself a niche in the fields of Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse & Analytics, Mobile Solutions, Automated Testing and Targeted Outsourcing. We at GSPANN hold firm in our belief of putting you, the customer, first and foremost. Our commitment is always to you.



Recently GSPANN designed and successfully implemented an intranet internal communication website for a famous silicon valley hospital. Website was implemented on top of HP Autonomy platform. The application is built to support scheduling of training by doctors and support staff, write blogs, send group communication, search relevant material and many other. The solution has multiple workflows and templates to enable the functionality. As part of the delivery GSPANN staff also conducted custom training for all the templates and workflow needed to publish & manage the hospitals internal content.

Financial Organization

Director eCommerce
"GSPANN support of our global content management system was instrumental to our continual success. GSPANN truly partnered with us in design, implementation and rollout of ECM platform, enabling creation and publishing of content for over 40 countries. I would gladly engage GSPANN again in future opportunities."

Top Entertainment Industry

Director of Internet Operations
"The team at GSPANN Technologies has proven to be a tremendous asset to our organization. Their expertise in all aspects of Interwoven products and technologies is prevalent and recognizable the first time you speak to them, and their professionalism after we engaged them on a significantly complex project has been superlative."

Top tier Services Organization

Partner of the Digital team
“There was never a moment in our relationship with GSPANN where I did not feel completely confident that we were receiving the best thinking, ideas and execution as well as the best service the industry has to offer. Many technical services providers can offer solid technical solutions but few can meet GSPANN on their commitment to delivering solutions with the highest level of teamwork and customer service."

E-commerce retail Organization

Vice President
"GSPANN was instrumental in helping us conduct a thorough vendor evaluation for content management systems. We had a very aggressive timeframe to finalize requirements, bring vendors in for walkthrough meetings, decide on a vendor, and finalize the system architecture in order to purchase both the software and hardware before the end of the year. "