Effective SEO Techniques to Optimize Your eCommerce Website

Improve the Organic Search Ranking of your eCommerce Website with Efficient SEO Optimization.

Read how GSPANN helped the San Francisco-based children's clothing retailer to improve the search engine rankings of their aging eCommerce website by automatically generating on-page SEO content from product feeds.

What you can learn from the paper:

  • How to Eliminate Manual Updates: Update all SEO artifacts through programmatic means, where changes in the product catalog are automatically reflected within SEO.
  • How to Get Immediate SEO Updates: Rather than wait days to weeks for the team to update page details, the pages are SEO-ready immediately through automated SEO updates.
  • How to Reduce Errors: Manual updates added yet another opportunity for errors. With this approach, errors are limited to the original product data feed.
  • How to Guarantee that All Pages Have SEO: With previous manual efforts, the client may not get to all pages before product details change, thereby leaving some pages without search optimization.
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