Make the customers revisit their abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce website

Recapture your sales by getting the customers revisit their shopping carts with the help of personalized email campaigns.

Read how GSPANN helped a Cincinnati, US-based premier retailer in bringing the traffic back and recapturing sales on their website with Email Assembly (EA).

Things that you can learn from this paper:

  • How this move affected the sales? By getting the traffic back to their abandoned shopping carts, the website was able to recapture the sales, which was triggered by EA plug and play engine.
  • How EA integration helped in the significant rise of traffic? The personalized email reminder enabled the customers to revisit the website that provided a significant rise in traffic, which was validated by core metrics tracking system.
  • How it reduced the cart abandonment rate? By making the customers revisiting the website, EA increased the user engagement, thereby decreasing the overall cart abandonment rate.
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