Strategize, Architect, Build and Care, GSPANN Approach
Strategize. Architect. Build. Care

Our Approach

Strategize. Architect. Build. Care.

Our Approach to Your Success Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is necessary to help you fully tap the potentials of content on the web, under the rapidly changing scenario. And our ECM comprises of strategies, methods and tools, used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content. This content may be Web, Mobile, Documents, Assets, Print Material, Catalogs or Product Information, we help you produce enormous ROI through it. Today ECM solutions have to deal with massive content constantly generated within, between, and outside the enterprise. A demand that our experts know how to help steer clear of. Let GSPANN help you draw meaningful insights and singular outcome from this ECM solution.


Defining Strategies to Meet Your Business Goals

We provide Strategic Consulting in all areas of Enterprise Content Management, Information Management, Mobile Solutions, QA Automation, Application Outsourcing and Project Management. We fundamentally believe that to achieve the integrated e-commerce vision it is important to have the right Organizational Strategy and alignment. We can help you with identifying the organization and team that can ensure you are successful. We specialize in developing effective integrated e-commerce Strategy and a road map that is practical and achievable, right from Tool & Vendor Identification & Selection, Capacity Planning exercises and ROI/TCO analysis.


Designing Solutions that Support Your Strategy

The fundamental block of any Information Enabled Organization is a robust, scalable and adaptable architecture. We help organizations across industry verticals with their domain specific data architecture build outs using industry standard data models.

We help organization set up their environment such that it is responsive and adaptable to the constant changes in either solution provider landscape or changes in organization priority based on shifting Business landscape. We help customers with their data integration architecture, effectively using the technology of today >> to achieve the 'right time' availability of the data. We help provide the right architecture footprint.


Executing with Quality and Efficiency

We specialize in building technology platforms by setting the right objectives and being painstakingly precise with its execution. We go out of our way to ensure that we have the best talent and the right team size that is focused on executing to the vision and the architecture. Then we layer that with a strong, effective and consistent communication oversight.

We understand the importance of technology initiatives and know that though the plumbing may not be something that the business gets excited about, it is the ONE key fundamental building block to enable something they do get excited about > Functionality. We believe in doing it right, ONCE.


24/7 Support for Your Organization

It is one thing to architect and build a business solution, yet it is another to care for the same. We understand that if the care is not appropriate even the best of the implementations can quickly degrade. We don't consider care to be just off hours support, we believe in nurturing the environment as well.

We will provide you with an extremely cost effective model that can continue to build incremental functionality and provide consistent value add to ensure that the environment doesn't become stale. The right care can ensure that the platform evolves as the needs of the organization and business grows. We understand what it means to be 24x7.