Work-life Balance, Competitive Salaries, Great Benefits
Working at GSPANN

Working at GSPANN

Why join the GSPANN family?

Our Approach to Your Success At GSPANN we believe in being masters of our space. We are specialists focused on niche areas within enterprise technology. We can ensure that you would be working on cutting edge niche skills and technologies that are the underpinnings of any organization.

We partner with companies and help companies deliver complete programs/projects and not really are focused on pure staff augmentation. So, you can be assured of working long term on projects and building up your skills.

Our Direct clientele include mostly Fortune 1000 companies & we are engaged with them at a strategic level. We are a growing company and believe in growing together, whether it be with the client organization or you. We take keen interest in your career path and have created various tracks for you to grow in.

Great work-life balance, along with competitive salaries and great benefits