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With Google announcing the end of Universal Analytics (UA) in June 2023, the switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is no longer a question of if but when.

GA4 is the next-generation analytics platform that ensures privacy and offers extensive compliance to maintain analytics data without any gaps. It enables enterprises to address the changing needs and user expectations by providing more comprehensive and granular data collection and usage controls using Google’s machine learning (ML) technology.

Let’s discuss some of the major differences between UA and GA4:

Goals Determines conversions using goals Goals replaced by conversations
MEASUREMENT MODEL Data Model is based on sessions and pageviews Data Model is based on events and parameters
CUSTOM DIMENSION Numeric custom dimensions User-friendly custom dimensions
TRACKING ID UA property uses Tracking Id GA4 property uses Measurement Id for tracking
VIEW & DATA STREAM SETUP Can create additional views for web and app tracking separately No option to create views but can create data streams for web and apps
AUTO EVENT TRACKING Not applicable Standard user interactions can be captured without additional tagging
Debug View Simple real-time reports include information about limited parameters/dimensions Real-time reports with detailed insight into parameters and dimensions

How to Upgrade to GA4 from Universal Analytics

GA4 offers a comprehensive tracking system that will give you a bird’s eye view of how your customers interact with your brand. Follow the steps mentioned below to successfully upgrade to GA4 from UA.

  1. Go to UA “Admin” Page
  2. Click on “GA4 Setup Assistant”
  3. Go to “GA4 property setup assistant” and click on “Get Started”
  4. GA4 Property Setup Assistant

  5. Create a new GA4 property
  6. New GA4 Property

  7. After creating the property, go to data streams and install the tag using Google Tag manager.

Advantages of Google Analytics 4

  • Improved user journey tracking
  • Better real-time reporting
  • Easy setup of cross-domain tracking
  • Improved user engagement analysis
  • More powerful audiences for your ad campaigns
  • More intelligent user privacy
  • Simplified Goals and Events Setup


GA4 uses machine learning models to improve ROI. With data by your side, you can run campaigns confidently and generate leads. Privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, behavior and conversion modeling will significantly reduce compliance risks – empowering users to take complete charge of their data.

Additionally, GA4 also includes customizable funnels, advanced analysis, enhanced measurement, and access to BigQuery, among many other features. Stop juggling multiple applications at once, do the bulk of work effectively with GA4.