Who is the Company

A global healthcare and services company with over $3B in net revenue.

The Challenge

The company was using Adobe Experience Manager, an all-inclusive content management platform that combines everything needed to manage a website. The company was dependent on the out of the box AEM site search technology based upon the Apache Lucene project. Unfortunately, this built-in component suffered from several limitations, including:

  • Degraded search performance after 10,000 pages
  • Increase in the repository size since the core Lucene engine search took a lot of space to index binaries
  • Putting more effort into surfacing content from search results than with other contemporary search platforms

In brief, the company wanted:

  • A scalable, high-performance search capability: The company had a high content volume explaining how their devices help treat various chronic health conditions. The high volume caused website search performance to steadily decline. They wanted a search solution that would easily scale and maintain high performance.
  • A cost-effective alternative to the current system: Their existing search engine used a tremendous amount of storage while creating indexes, skyrocketing cloud storage costs.
  • A modern customer search experience: Their customers were demanding better search features. To meet the demands, they needed a platform with modern search features like smart sorting, natural language support, query elevation, intelligent suggestions, etc.

The Solution

Business Impact

  • Vastly improved customer search experience increases customer satisfaction: The new system handles advanced features like full-text search, highlighted results, synonym search, similar keyword suggestions, natural language, and multi-language support with ease.
  • Fast and accurate search response improves sales: Since customers now receive precise search results rapidly, they are more inclined to pursue a search for additional products.
  • Lower cloud costs: Our solution requires fewer cloud resources, reducing a huge amount of cloud usage fee. The old system used quite a bit of space to create its indexes that expanded the repository size. The new system requires less space, reducing storage costs.

Technologies Used

Adobe Experience Manager: Cloud-based all-inclusive omnichannel content management platform
Apache Solr: Open-source Java-based enterprise search platform
Apache Sling: OSGI compliant open-source framework for REST services
Apache Lucene: Widely used open-source search engine
OSGI: Standards-based dynamic module system for Java

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