Who is the Client

A regional retailer of private label all-natural skincare products.

The Challenge

The company wanted to improve the way they collected end data of the customer journey but faced a challenge because they lacked a unified view of online and offline customer data. Their existing system captured customer data from multiple sources and presented a rather confusing picture. The company wanted to understand customer behavior and journeys across channels to maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

The company's customers could sign up as community members and have multiple identities online in the company's systems. Members often inadvertently use different identity information when interacting with the company's services, such as their physical stores, online shopping, and other touchpoints. Having multiple identities for each member complicated the company's ability to understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and hampered their understanding of customer behavior.

In brief, the company was looking for a:

  • 360-degree view of their customers: The company needed a functional, technical, and analytical approach to building a 360-degree view of their members.
  • Solid foundation for growth: The company wanted to build a solid foundation for acquiring accurate data on their community members.
  • Flexible and expandable solution: The company was looking for an identity resolution capability and the ability to add or augment known and future customer member attributes, especially digital ones.
  • Custom platform that leverages existing technology: Since the company already had a substantial investment in their current enterprise data warehouse (EDW), new development was needed to augment their current EDW footprint.
  • Superior analytics capability: The solution needed to enable reporting and analytical capabilities that allows the company to measure community member engagement and derive CLTV.

The Solution

Business Impact

  • Increased data accuracy: The new custom platform produces accurate customer identities and reduces the number of redundancies by 25%. This leads to increased data accuracy, less time wasted sifting through duplicate information, and better sales forecasting.
  • A better picture of campaign effectiveness: The marketing dashboard shows ad spend amounts by marketing channel from multiple clickstreams. Clear identity resolution reduces the marketing efforts required to create campaigns and gives the company a better picture of campaign effectiveness.
  • Customer acquisition cost visibility: The new reporting dashboards implemented in our solution provide accurate customer counts, integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and other sources, which enables the company to view the customer acquisition cost along with ad spend amount, and revenue generated from each channel.
  • High ROI: Our solution leveraged the company's existing EDW that requires a minimal amount of training to access the expanded 360-degree view data. The reduction in multiple identities of the same customer allows the company to put relatively less marketing efforts into email campaigns and to increase the company’s ROI for the new system.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Azure Products: Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps
Microsoft Power BI: Powerful interactive business visualization tool used to gain insights into customer data
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail: Retail point-of-sale solution that supports both online and in-store purchases
Microsoft Software: SharePoint, Excel, Word, Visio, and Teams
Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Cloud-based e-commerce platform
Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Automation and analytics tools to support digital marketing efforts
Google Analytics: A Google service used to track and report website traffic
Atlassian Jira: A platform for tracking bugs and managing Agile-based software projects
Atlassian Confluence: A team workspace that facilitates project collaboration

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