Who is the Company

The company is a subsidiary of a retail giant that manages its unified global loyalty platform.

The Challenge

The company needed to record and assess every call made to their interactive voice response (IVR) system to gain better business-critical insights without violating their privacy policy. This policy restricted them from collecting customer-sensitive information like credit card numbers, CVV codes, and expiration dates. They needed to implement a solution that could record all calls while automatically masking all predefined sensitive information fields without impacting the IVR performance.

Before our involvement, the company had implemented a call recording system that included their existing IVR and the NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce. This out-of-the-box solution had no provision for masking sensitive information. In addition, the company’s customer service group required admin-level access to assess, delete, and manage recordings for up to 30 days, helping them ensure consistency in agent responses to customer queries.

In short, the company was seeking a solid and reliable partner with Salesforce and e-commerce expertise that could provide:

  • A way to record all calls while masking sensitive information: The ability to mask out sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, was necessary from the perspective of liability and customer privacy. The solution needed to record all incoming calls successfully while masking all information deemed sensitive without hampering the IVR system performance.
  • A way to ensure consistent agent response: The solution had to provide information to help the service desk manager ensure consistency in agent responses.
  • Selective access to the recordings: For training purposes, the company’s customer service organization required access to the recordings for up to 30 days with admin-level access to delete, assess, and manage the recordings.
  • A competent and discreet partner: The company sought a partner with solid technical expertise that could help them to quickly and quietly achieve their goals.

The Solution

Our DevOps team leveraged the existing products to build the solution: Salesforce Service Cloud (SFSC), Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), and the NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce.

SFSC captures critical parameters from the NICE inContact tool during the IVR call and automatically sends this information to SFCC. If the company’s service agent clicks on the credit card number, expiration, or CVV fields, the team’s solution sends an API request to inContact that masks the recording with white noise. Regular recording resumes only when the service agent navigates away from these fields and onto others.

Here are some key features of the solution:

  • Enabled communication between SFSC, NICE inContact, and SFCC: Using NICE inContact APIs, SFSC captured and then passed to SFCC key parameters that include access information, session identifiers, service agent ID, and customer ID.
  • Protected customer privacy without hampering system performance: The implemented solution seamlessly masked the customer-sensitive details without impeding the IVR system performance.
  • Offered selective access to the recordings: The team used built-in features of SFSC and SFCC to define admin-level access, providing selective access to the recordings.

Business Impact

  • Guaranteed customer privacy enables trust: The system ensures that no part of the sensitive information is passed on to anyone within or outside the company.
  • Call analysis provides insights leading to a better customer experience: The ability to review calls allows the company’s customer service organization to identify critical customer pain points. The customer service team can now directly share all recorded calls with the business and marketing groups. These groups can then gauge the success of marketing initiatives and overall customer sentiment, leading to increased efficiency and reduced handling time, improving customer experience.
  • Better training leads to greater customer satisfaction: Access to call recordings allows the company to listen and identify the gaps in agent responses. Additionally, the service desk manager can now use the recordings to improve the quality of information conveyed to the customers.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Service Cloud: Cloud-based customer relations management (CRM) platform providing digital tools to support omnichannel customer service
Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Cloud-based CRM platform providing omnichannel support for a personalized customer shopping experience
NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce: Integrates the NICE inContact agent application into Salesforce and offers digital call center support

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