Who is the Company

A global publishing, education, and media giant that publishes and distributes books, comics, and educational material.

The Challenge

A segment of the company’s education business operates on a subscription model, offering magazines to be ordered in print and digital formats. They distribute their products through both in-store and online sales channels.

The company’s education website is well-received by schools - their primary market. However, their existing website used static pages created through an old version of AEM, which posed a challenge when configuring products, incorporating dynamic content, or applying enhancements. These tasks required frequent modifications to the code within the static pages, resulting in complications. Rather than upgrading AEM, which would require considerable effort to redevelop existing custom extensions, the company decided to move their websites from AEM to Salesforce.

In short, the company was looking for:

  • Future-ready e-commerce features
  • A way to configure products and subscription terms without engaging developer resources
  • Accurate and easily readable orders
  • Automated payment and order processing to reduce the burden on customer care representatives

The Solution

The company selected Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) to replace the existing AEM website. SFRA combines best practices in website creation, promotion, and technical architecture to provide merchants with an out-of-the-box (OOTB) design that allows them to create websites as distinctive as their brands. The company needed our SFCC and SFRA expertise to assist in the implementation.

Our team ensured a smooth customer journey by seamlessly directing products added through AEM to SFRA. Our solution introduces and implements intermediate upsell logic on an individual page along with recommendations. We built a cart page with custom functionality for full and half subscription terms. Company users can now modify terms without involving any development resources. Further, we set up checkout functionality that provides shipping options for single or multiple items.

Order processing is now partially automated. Our solution locates the existing teachers and related school information. If the order is a single shipment, our system directly ships and does not require a customer care executive’s intervention to verify these as valid orders.

Here are a few key points in our solution:

  • Full e-commerce functionality: Sine the new system is based upon SFCC, company users and customers have a vastly improved shopping experience. We also implemented intermediate upsell logic on individual pages that includes recommendations.
  • Improved the checkout process: We developed a cart page with custom functionality for subscription terms, including full and half terms, and added options for single or multiple-item shipping.
  • Partial automation of the order process: The new solution partially automates order processing by locating existing teachers/school information. Single shipments are directly shipped without any manual intervention.

Business Impact

  • Comprehensive e-commerce features boost sales: The migration from AEM to SFCC lets the company leverage the vast range of SFCC e-commerce features that were unavailable in AEM technology.
  • Significant time and cost savings: Our solution reduces the time and cost previously used in manual order processing by a customer service representative. 
  • Improved user experience: SFCC-enabled promotions improve the user experience as customers can now see a promotional discount applied right away instead of waiting and hoping for coupons/discount codes to work.
  • Better sales data leads to better business decisions: The new system can track the conversion rates and make actual order discount amounts visible. The increased transparency allows the company to make better-informed business decisions.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager
Adobe Experience Manager

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